About us

Edgeplan are a highly motivated young company bringing together experience from some of the country’s leading national planning consultancies. Each of our staff have been individually selected for their outstanding capability and experience in their field. This has allowed us to create a bespoke firm with the benefit of large firm organisational experience but with maximum efficiency from the beginning. This translates as better value for money for our clients.

As a small independent company we’ve created strong relationships with our clients. We work hard to understand what’s required from us, and how we can bring value to the process, making sure that we remain focused on the collective goal.

As Planners, we need to maintain a strong commercial awareness, often acting as intermediary between developer and regulator to find a solution which meets both parties’ needs and aspirations. We also work very closely with other property professionals, often appointing some or all of the development team on the client’s behalf and managing projects to meet objectives and deadlines.

All of our Planners are experienced in appraising sites, developing proposals and advising on strategy to make sure the brief is properly set-out from the start. We’re in day-to-day contact with Local Planning Authorities across the country, and we have a strong understanding of the challenges and requirements needed to make sure planning applications are registered and progressed in a timely manner. We will advise whether pre-application discussions might be of benefit; or where a formal submission would be preferable.

Where liaison with the press or public is necessary, we can undertake local consultation ourselves or bring-in and work alongside experienced professionals to handle PR while we concentrate on technical matters. We always expect to speak directly to Planning Committees, focusing on the most important areas of objection or a scheme’s main benefits.

In an environment where legislation, policy and the market are constantly changing, we make sure that we keep in touch with news, new developments, trends and intelligence. Our planners are all active members of networking forums or working groups, and regularly attend briefing sessions, seminars and networking events.

Experience + Efficiency = Value for Money

As Chartered Town Planners, all our professional staff are required to maintain the standards of the Royal Town Planning Institute by undertaking Continuous Professional Development (CPD); and we also make sure we meet and exceed industry standards and those of our competitors. Click the logo to visit the site.

In association with the Department of Communities and Local Government, Edgeplan are working with The Planning Portal to fully realise all the benefits of online working. We’ve signed-up to the Smarter Planning Pledge to help local planning authorities process our clients’ applications more efficiently; reduce CO² throughout the process and save time and money. All our planning applications are submitted electronically. Click the logo to visit the site.