As Town Planners, we work alongside other professionals to deliver development projects, on-time and on-budget. The planning system sits at the centre of the process, which means we usually get involved well-before an application is submitted, and regularly continue once the development has been implemented on site and sometimes even when occupied.

The early stages are about gathering information, influencing proposals and preparing a strategy to ensure delivery. The Planning Application itself will ideally be a shorter, rather than longer, process which takes advantage of the time spent on preparation and research. Once a development has been approved, there can be just as much work involved in detailed design and implementation, taking account of changes in circumstances along the way.

Sometimes we might just step-in and deal with a specific part of the process to avoid an impending refusal, such as providing a Policy Analysis, Retail Study or Land Availability Report to support an application that has already been submitted.

Portfolio Review
Which of your assets are working well, and which might need adjusting for reoccupation? We’ll provide an overview, highlight opportunities, and suggest where you should concentrate your resources.
From a quick one-liner to a full site investigation, we’ll investigate allocations and designations, previous applications, surrounding sites, policy, practice and process to give you the answer you need.
Whether it’s finding a site, identifying an opportunity or building a case to support a planning application, we use our skills and connections to your benefit.
Strategy Advice
We won’t just ‘submit-it-and-see’. Having a strategy is essential, and we’ll work with you to make sure every step is understood and there aren’t any surprises along the way.
Planning Applications
Even getting an application submitted and registered needs a professional approach. We work with Planning Authorities daily to help the process run smoothly and on time.
No-one likes to be a loser, so we aim for a win-win situation leading to a successful outcome for our clients.
Public Engagement
Whether it’s your neighbours, councillors, the press or other local businesses, we can help manage the process so that everyone gets their say while concentrating on the relevant planning issues.
We’ll advise on the process, costs and timescales of preparing written submissions or acting as an Expert Witness. As Chartered Town Planners, we can instruct barristers directly or alongside solicitors.
Development Team Management
We work as a lead among lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors and public relations consultants to manage the planning application process.
S106 Planning Obligations
We’ll provide and negotiate on Heads of Terms and can prepare some straightforward/unilateral obligations ourselves. Alternatively we’ll work with both sides’ solicitors to deliver a final agreement to the Planning Authority.
Permitted Development Advice
Can you avoid a planning application altogether? If so we’ll advise on the best way to build or use your site within the regulations.
Community Infrastructure Levy
Where contributions are unavoidable, we’ll make sure they can be factored-in at an early stage to avoid unforeseen costs.
Lawful Development Certificates
Whether for an existing or a proposed use, we’ll advise on the evidence requirements and can prepare affidavits to support your case.
Listed Buildings/Conservation Areas
Working with architects and heritage advisors where necessary, we’ll make sure the tests are met to allow sensitive development to proceed.
Natural Environment
Many of our schemes have shared their environment with protected species and/or valuable planting. Our aim is to incorporate or mitigate where necessary, to allow development to proceed.